Monday, 26 October 2009

The Fourth Kind (2009)

When seeing Triangle tonight and Surrogates last week we also saw the trailer for 'The Fourth Kind'. Its a new alien abduction film, but what is different and strange about it is that they are claiming it is based on true footage and material. The story is that Dr Abigail Tyler uncovers a number of strange and disturbing alien events through real consultations with some of her patients in Alska. The film uses real and re-constructed footage to illustrate the cases and investigate the story. What we don't know is wether the footage is genuine or simply publicized as being genuine as a marketing stunt. I have tried googling for some info but so far have come up with nothing, surely if this footage is real, firstly we would have known about some of it before now and secondly the patients would have something to say about it being used. Its a bit like the Blair Witch I feel, where we are led to believe the footage is really to make the story more interesting and compelling and to make people talk about it more (a viral campaign!)

Here is the trailer if any of you are interested in seeing it. We shall defiantly be seeing it, even if it is all fake, as it looks interesting and I love Milla Jovovich!

Hope you enjoy it!
Daisymay XOXO

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