Monday, 26 October 2009

Triangle (2009)

Directed and written by: Christopher Smith (He also wrote Severence and Creep)
Cast: Melissa George and Liam Hemsworth
Running time: 99mins
Random fact: Budget was $12 million

General plot: I really don't want to give to much away about this film because if you do decide to go and see it the unfolding of the strange story i
s really the best part of the film, the not really knowing what's going to happen is kinda the point I feel. So here is a very brief overview without any spoilers. A group of friends set off on a yacht trip but Jess has a strange feeling something isn't quite right. They soon get caught in
a freak storm and the boat is overturned. To reach safety they board a passing ocean liner. When aboard the ship seems empty even though they saw someone on the top deck before they boarded. Jess gets the worst case of deja vu when she starts to recognize the ships interior. They soon find they are not alone and the other passenger is intent on killing them all!

A strangely twisting and slightly confusing story. Not totally terrifying but it is full of good jumpy parts and even a few slightly gory scenes (nothing compared to his last two films) I think this is the best of Christopher Smiths films so far though. The story line is relatively strong
with a good concept behind it. The sheer desperation of the lead character, Jess (Melissa
George) is what keeps the viewer intent on seeing the film through to the end. As with many
horror films it is the viewers want to see whether the lead can make it out alive that makes us want to watch it. As I said it is a little confusing in parts but the twists within the story make it well worth watching. Melissa George did a really good job of playing Jess, she makes it a very believable character. She has the look of slightly anxious, slightly determined and slightly hysterically mad about her. She manages to be scared and frail one minute and strong and determined then next and apologetic throughout! That sounds totally weird but you will see what I mean.

The filming was also very well done. You get some lovely panning shots of the sea, the liner, the storm, the road when she is not at sea and certain parts of the boat. They using the panning shot to reveal some of the twists which works really well (You kinda wanna go OMG at a certain part when the camera pans along the
deck revealing a certain secret of the story) It was a very nice technique. They use the traditional moving handicam on some parts aswell, usually when the characters are running so you get the juddery motion to give the sense of us running behind them.

I feel there were a few sequences which didn't really seem to fit though, they seemed kinda
outta sync with the rest of the film. The mouldy food on the table and the old music in certain scenes seemed wrong somehow. Many people in the cinema came out saying that it was a rubbish film but although I wouldn't say it was great and probably would not go buy it on DVD I do think it was worth watching as it was, like I said an interesting concept. If your like me you
will spend most of the film trying to piece together the bits of storyline to work out what is happening and how she will survive.

I would give it a 6 out of 10. A midway mark coz it feels like it needed more work and a better ending. I'm not a fan of strange endings!!

Hope you all enjoy it!
Daisymay XOXO

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